Lizzie Tobin


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About me

I have been visiting and observing Pembrokeshire for the last thirty years mentally recording and, on camera, my surroundings. When preparing for an exhibition I take photos, now on my mobile, for at least twelve months prior to starting to paint and then I select and observe these photos several times a week before even considering painting. For my next exhibition at the VC Gallery in Haverfordwest, the theme of Urban+Nature, I want to show viewers the nature that surrounds us in our urban environment and that we often take for granted. I think one role an artist has is to make people see what is under their very noses and gets ignored as we go about our everyday humdrum lives.

I have painted in watercolours; my early paintings, when it was convenient to whip out my art block and paint in between changing nappies or cooking a meal. Then I got into oils and have several early paintings which I call my blue period if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. Then I tried acrylics and now I have returned to oil on canvas, a medium I enjoy working with. It is a slow process, especially as I tend to lay the paint on thickly with a palette knife. My style embraces abstract realism, nature, landscape, town, and country.

I was completely self-taught until I moved down to West Wales and joined an art group for three years where, under inspired tuition, I learned many new techniques. I am currently enrolled at Carmarthen College Of Art on a Foundation Course in Fine Art. I try to tone down my paintings but am invariably seduced by bright colours and symbolic shapes, perhaps because I lived and worked in Granada, Spain for many years and am influenced by its vibrancy.

Having completed my art course at Carmarthen, which, as it was mostly during lockdown, I got heavily into digital art as you can see from my website. I abstract the shapes and forms of the landscapes and images and render them in a digital format. I particularly like the digital palette as it allows a uniformity of colour and tone which is not possible with oils and acrylics at least not without great difficulty and adds a surreal element, almost cartoon-like which enhances the abstractness, or as I like to call it, ‘abstract realism’, in that the forms and shapes, whilst abstract, are still recognisable as trees or buildings or whatever.

Since moving permanently to Pembrokeshire in 2016, I have been involved in Art Out West, a group of Pembrokeshire artists, and have exhibited in Art in the Garden at Stackpole Walled Garden as well as holding an open studio. I look at Nature, town, and seascape and try to abstract them in my paintings. 

Since then I have exhibited in Friends of The Oriel Q Gallery in Narberth as well as in their Figurative show in March of 2020. In October 2021, I exhibited at the Oriel y Parc at St David’s and have just returned from a retrospective exhibition at the Queen street gallery in Neath and am currently exhibiting in Pembroke and Tenby.


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